Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Last night our Council met to discuss and provide direction for our upcoming worship services. Our governments (Federal, State and City) are moving pretty rapidly to curb the spread of COVID-19.  As good citizens of the earthly kingdom, we want to join them in minimizing exposure by practicing the social distancing they prescribe. 

“In Person” Worship Services Temporarily Suspended For Two Weeks.

Following the recent guidelines of limiting gatherings to 10 or less we will suspend public “in person” gatherings for the next two weeks through the end of March. We will assess the situation at the end of those two weeks and decide what to do next.  

Live “On Line” Worship Services Will Be Available 

During this time we will be hosting Thursday Evening 7PM  and Sunday Morning 10:30 AM services online through “Facebook Live” Here is the link to access those services. 

Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church WELS


You can access these worship services by: smartphone, iPad, or personal computer. We will have: Hymns, Prayers and Order of Service available for you to follow along at home. If you need help getting your: phone, IPAD or computer set up to view Facebook Live, please let know.  We will assist you. YOU DO NOT NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THESE VIDEOS. When the pop up box appears asking you to log in or sign up simply click “NOT NOW” at the bottom of the box. 

If you are unable to access these online services please let us know and we can make arrangements to accommodate you.  

We are looking for volunteers who may be able to visit or assist members with technology challenges by inviting them to worship with you in your home or bring your computer or tablet to their home and worship together. (Provided you stay under the recommended number of persons in a gathering) 


Several of you have asked about how we can give offerings to our Lord when we are not physically able to meet at church. You are welcome to mail in your offerings or consider using our online giving portal by following the link below. 


Online Giving – Cross of Christ


I will continue to make calls and meet with people within the guidelines laid out by public officials, medical institutions and good common sense.  We all want to minister on the middle road between the two ditches of paranoia and carelessness.  Our goal as leaders is to serve you with God’s word and sacraments while keeping you healthy in body as well as the soul. If you need me or an Elder,  please call, email or text us.  We will be there for you.  


Finally, remember that every challenge the Lord sends our way is an opportunity to grow closer to him in faith, to grow closer to each other in love and to shine brighter before the world in hope. 

We will overcome this, because Jesus, in whom we hope, has promised that he will stay by our side until we do.  


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor and Cross of Christ Council 
David Steinke President
Rodney Hayes Secretary
Craig DeLaney Treasurer
Mark Daniels Care Keeper
Alan Lagrimanta Education Elder
Ron Hayes Member Care Elder
Paul Siegler Mission Outreach Elder
Paul Steinke Visitation Elder
Josh Miller Worship Elder