Worship Planning Update, June 29, 2020


Phase 1: (Current phase) Start date 5/31
Thursday 7:00 p.m. – Facebook Live online streamed devotion

             Sunday 9:00 a.m. – Outdoor service

             Sunday 10:30 a.m. – Facebook Live online streamed service

Phase 2: Start date 7/2

             Thursday 7:00 p.m. – Indoor service & Facebook Live streamed service

             Sunday 9:00 a.m. – Outdoor service

             Sunday 10:30 a.m. – Facebook Live streamed service


General comments

  • Church leadership is continuing to meet regularly and discuss what is working and what is not, informed by input from the congregation. To the extent that things have gone smoothly during this phasing process, of course all glory belongs to our Lord. We also thank God often for the hearts of Cross of Christ that are always ready to help in whatever way is needed.
  • As this period of isolation relaxes in some ways but continues in others, we are also mindful of the increasing spiritual dangers to God’s people that don’t have regular opportunities to gather and worship. Balancing this against the continuing dangers of COVID-19 is very much on our minds.
  • Some things have not changed. When you can’t go out and do the things you want to do, be careful to take the opportunity the Lord is providing you to use this time to dive deeper into his Word, but also reach out to your fellow Christians for counsel or just human contact.
  • We are still charged with bringing God’s Word to the world. Look for every little opportunity to connect with people and share the reason for the hope that you have.
  • If you are frustrated or in need, don’t forget you still have a Pastor and church leaders that stand ready to do their best to meet that need. Please don’t feel like a burden if you have needs, reach out!
  • Pray for and support your leaders, both in church and in government. They are sinful humans that make mistakes and God has put them in a challenging spot. Good thing God’s power is made perfect in our weakness!


Worship Plan, Phase 2


General Information For All Services

  • The entire service will continue to be printed in the bulletin available at both in-person services and on the church website.
  • We encourage all members to continue to make use of online giving options for offerings, but a basket/box will be available at each service if you wish to make your offerings that way.
  • Ushers and people assisting with communion will wear masks.


Sunday, 9 a.m. (Outdoor Service In-Person)

  • Our outdoor service, with the enthusiastic help and support of many, has been going very smoothly. Our services so far have been a joyful reunion for those of us who were able to gather.
  • As anticipated, we didn’t have everything figured out right away, but with good feedback and eager volunteers, we’ve been able to address the few minor issues that have arisen and welcome questions and suggestions moving forward.
  • Communion is held in the sanctuary with the elements prepared in advance. Members pick up the elements from a station in the rear of the sanctuary and then stand in a semicircle facing the cross to partake.
  • Communion will continue to be offered each week following the regular worship service. Members are encouraged to choose their own schedule for partaking. 


Sunday, 10:30 a.m. (Facebook Live Service)

  • The Facebook Live virtual service will, of course, continue through all phases. If you have any concerns at all, don’t worry that you will be judged or that you’ll miss out on worshipping with your church family. We look forward to the day when we will all gather together in person, but come when you are ready.


Thursday, 7 p.m. (Indoor In-Person & Facebook Live Service)

  • Our reopening date for the Thursday service for indoor worship will be July 2. The service will also be streamed via Facebook Live.
  • In order to maintain the recommended 6-foot separation between members gathered indoors, our maximum capacity is about 25 people.
  • Please register each week that you plan to attend on this website.
  • Communion will be offered on the normal twice monthly schedule and will be conducted in the same manner as the 9 a.m. service.
  • The usher will sanitize pews following the service.
  • Members are encouraged to wear masks to the indoor service.


How can you help?


  • A bit more work is required now to prepare for and clean up after services, so volunteers are always welcome. You should have seen an email with details on how to sign up for duties. If not, contact the church if you want to volunteer.


  • Supplies are still hard to come by. If anyone has a surplus of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, or sanitizing spray, please consider donating some.


Love and miss you all!


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Dave Schneider and Cross of Christ Council 
David Steinke President
Rodney Hayes Secretary
David Steinke Interim Treasurer
Mark Daniels Care Keeper
Alan Lagrimanta Education Elder
Ron Hayes Member Care Elder
Paul Siegler Mission Outreach Elder
Paul Steinke Visitation Elder
Josh Miller Worship Elder